a digital art community


s.myselle, Sarah Scherer and Scharmien Zandi decided to found D#AVANTGARDE on 22.02.2022. The aim of this community should be keeping ourselves informed about art, especially in the digital form.

Schiele’s Ghost NFT
s.myselle was initially an AI-Art Project with Martin Gasser. The first step is done – letting the machine catch Schiele’s Ghost in order to create new art – we got 10.000. They are also working on a text based machine learning tool so that Egon Schiele and his entourage will “speak” again.

The generated pictures are minted into NFTs on the art platform Rarible and you are the owner of the Schiele’s Ghost picture you chose. And in one of the next mails you will get to know how we manage the transfer to your own wallet.

The main conversation of D#AVANTGARDE will take place on Discord. Discord is an app you can download on your desktop or on your smartphone. If you want to be an integrated part of this community you are more than welcome to join. The information will also be sent within the next days on how to get to our D#AVANTGARDE channel.

If you join the D#AVANTGARDE experiment, they plan to do irregular newsletters, a talk&workshop at the schmiede and at the Steirischer Herbst by accomplices entertainment and a lot of more AI and digital art stuff – there will be god, love and opera involved. And horses.