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No Music Day is an action day and takes place annually on 21st of November.
Bill Drummond started the day in 2005 to get people thinking about their attitude towards the art form music!

The two artists and musicians Bill Drummond (The KLF / UK) and Scharmien Zandi (CADÛ / AT) are entering into a cooperation for No Music Day 2020, where we are very happy to be part of it.

On No Music Day 2020, Zandi will present an art campaign titled MY NAME IS ART NOT INNOVATION . She will be working with the Austrian Federal Law Gazette No. BGBI. I No. 8/2020 above all points 16. & 17. in Section B of Part 2 of the Annex to Section 2 . The project will be presented in a public space on November 21, 2020. Drummond will later ad this and all the other activities surrounding the event to the collection at the NO MUSIC DAY Museum, here it will create more awareness for this day in the future.

In support of Drummonds and Zandis idea, to set new impulses when thinking about our behavior towards art and especially the art form music, we invite YOU to join our effort. Organize the No Music Day 2020 on November 21st together with us. We have assembled pictures and banners for you to use freely on your music and social media platforms. Send us your contribution (e.g. with a screenshot, picture, video, Autio etc.) to

Images / banner free to download

We are happy to post Scharmien Zandi’s and Bill Drummond’s statement here and look forward to numerous submissions.

Hi my name is Scharmien Zandi and I am pissed off and motivated
thats the reason why I wrote Bill Drummond, asking if the No Music Day, an action day he created, is open for people like me, who are an artist and musician based in Vienna, and I am pissed off and motivated. To bring this pain and suffering not to an aggressive act… I want to use this energy, this whole aggression for one day, to create an awareness, I want to use this energy, this whole aggression for one day, to create an awarenes, to open a discussion how we use and interpret art and music in our society, in our systems, analog and digital

Mic dropped

You can find the Statement of Bill Drummond here:

Vienna, 11/2020